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Anonymous asked: when tagging a post/ like a picture/etc of teru and kurosaki in dengeki daisy how should i tag it? teru x kurosaki, kurosaki x teru, tasuku x teru?? idk D:

i think “kurosaki x teru” is great, cause everyone says kurosaki. you’ll have more notes :D asdhkasdakjasjd idk is just my opinion 

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Anonymous asked: do you take requests? I'd like to see som taiyou no ie on my dash :)

Yes! I will post some pics :3

Blushing Shoujo Boys. | >///<

Anonymous asked: Thank you for having a beautiful tumblr (✿◠‿◠)

thank u my dear, ily


「アオハライド」 Kou and Futaba

ao haru ride ─ uchimiya "ucchi"